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Classification of olive oil by a way of reception.
  • Extra-virgin olive oil. Olive oil of the first-rate quality of unitary cold pressing. It is result of the very first cold отжима olives. This oil of the highest quality. It possesses pleasant aroma, fruit smack and keeps all useful substances which have been saved up by ripened fruits of an olive. Acid number of such oil - no more than 0,8 %. 
  • Virgin olive oil - oil of unitary cold pressing Virgin with acid number from 1 to 2. He is better for using for a frying as it practically has no taste. All designations of acidity should be etc. necessarily specified on an oil bottle.
  • Pomace. In the oil cake which has remained from the first pressing remains to 30 % of oil, therefore him use again, taking oil with use of chemical solvents. Then him, certainly, refine. Such oil has no neither taste, nor a smell, therefore in him add a quantity of oil of Ekstra Verzhin. Such oil approaches for a frying and preparation of dishes at high temperatures.
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